Publication Etics

Ethical Guidlines

Below are the ethical guidelines for JoISE published by the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Muhammadiyah University of Cirebon. These ethical guidelines are an adaptation of COPE's guidelines found on the COPE Code of Conduct page.

Editorial Responsibilities:

JoISE is committed to ensuring the implementation of all managerial publishing procedures to achieve an objective intellectual process. Editors and Reviewers evaluate manuscripts regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup. Each manuscript submitted will first be checked for compliance with JoISE's scope and will undergo plagiarism checks.

Author's Responsibilities:

Authors are responsible for ensuring the authenticity and novelty of the submitted manuscript, avoiding duplication of previously published work, not submitting manuscripts under review by JoISE to other journals simultaneously, and only publishing manuscripts after receiving formal rejection or withdrawal requests from JoISE.

Reviewer's Responsibilities:

Reviewers must relinquish all personal interests, refuse to review manuscripts if their knowledge is inadequate or if there is a conflict of interest, conduct reviews objectively and fairly, disclose ethical violations to the Editor, ensure the originality of the manuscript, and adhere to allocated time.

Editor's Responsibilities:

Editors contribute to the development of the journal, act as ambassadors, support and publish JoISE, review all assigned tasks, and evaluate manuscripts fairly based on intellectual merit.

Editor in Chief's Responsibilities:

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for evaluating manuscripts, maintaining the confidentiality of manuscripts, determining article selection and publication time, seeking opinions from various parties to enhance the journal's image, providing clear instructions to contributors, and ensuring the selection of appropriate reviewers.

Plagiarism Check:

All published manuscripts will undergo a plagiarism check using Plagiarism Checker X software.

Reference Management:

Authors are advised to use Reference Manager applications such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote when submitting articles to JoISE.

Article Cancellation:

Authors are not allowed to cancel or withdraw their manuscripts as this may result in wastage of resources, time, and funds invested by editors, reviewers, and journal managers.